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Mz. Jetson was born on September 28 in Brunswick, GA, where she was raised and still resides. She attended and graduated from Brunswick High School in 2004, entering community college for a brief period of time. During her studies over the years of computer science, culinary, and business, Mz. Jetson also entered the navy and discharged a short time later due to medical reasons.

Upon her return, she was granted with the opportunity to begin a career as a published author, igniting a passion that burned inside of her since her early teens. Since 2013, Mz. Jetson has penned Breezy, Murder She Wrote (1st Edition), Truth or Dare, Hustlers in Heelz, and Premonition. Her newest title, Ciao: A Tragic Love Story will appear under her new company, Slay Girl Publications, along with the re-releases of her past novels. To learn more about Mz. Jetson, please visit MzJetson.Com.

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Three years after a masked intruder claims the lives of her family, Sahara is on a quest to find herself. After her parents are taken from her, she is placed in her Aunt Mary’s care by Child Protective Services. To abide by her aunt’s strict rules, she pretends to walk the path of the straight and narrow, but secretly plans to run away. Sahara wants to escape her dangerous past, but Carmella Pazzo, her old friend, moves back to town and doesn’t make that easy. After discovering the secret that destroyed their friendship, Carmella wants revenge, and she is willing to sacrifice anyone and everything to make sure Sahara pays.

Note to Buyer: Second Edition (Revised). First Edition was originally published on June 16th, 2014.

Life is great for Mona Shephard thanks to a lump sum she received from an insurance policy after her grandmother's suspicious death. Ever since, she has found a comfortable spot sitting at the top of everyone's hate list, including her own family and the love of her life, Dare. With her dream home purchased, wearing the best designer clothing that ever graced her body plus the considerable amount of money in her bank account; she is very aware of the real issue: envy and jealousy. However, when karma intervenes and blackmailing begins, circumstances leads Mona down a path where she is forced to come face-to-face with reality and the cold-hearted truth.

Note to Buyer: Second Edition (Revised). First Edition was originally published on July 14th, 2014.

What do you do when you're forewarned that your life is about to change, but not for the better?

Joslyn Lee has always been the type to put others needs before her own, including her alcoholic mother and her always-too-busy boyfriend, Mark. Other than a few minor adjustments, she thinks all is well in her life until a series of unfortunate events topples in her lap, leaving her wondering if it's fate or just a little bad luck.

As these occurrences began to drive a wedge between the people she loves and change her doting and easygoing personality; it also brings out secrets from the past. She realizes in order to regain control of her life, she will have to put herself first--and when she does, that's when her nightmare begins. Will she wake up praying that it is all a dream or will her premonition become reality?

Note to Buyer: Second Edition (Revised). First Edition was originally published on November 18, 2013.

At a young age, Ciao Krauss knew that she was born to be a star, but her dreams were shattered the night her father was killed in front of her–tearing her family apart.

Now as an adult, Ciao’s life remains in shambles, however, she decides to test fate by leaving everything she’s known behind to reach her destiny. After arriving in a new city, everything starts to go tragically wrong to keep her from her goals. While chasing her quest to stardom, Ciao learns that everyone is not who they seem and the ultimate truth about the murder that changed the course of her life forever.

Will Ciao reach potential success or will it all come to a tragic end?

Meet Penelope Chung, a self-proclaimed fashion guru and owner of Slay Girl Boutique! When Penelope isn’t busy running her store, shopping or taking care of her old Bloodhound, Bella, she loves to participate in and solve mock murder mysteries with her best pals…that is until she finds herself smack dab in the middle of a real-life whodunit!

After Bob Hoppenstef, Penelope’s business landlord and electrician, ends up dead during her first annual Slayed party, all eyes are directed at her. All of the other renters, including Bob’s wife, knew how much Penelope had it out for him due to his lack of maintaining the Hoppenstef Plaza building properly.

With the evidence quickly piling up against her, Penelope has very little time to prove her innocence or she may end up spending the rest of her life in jail. Will Penelope find the real culprit or will she suffer the consequences in the end? Read this!

*Penelope Chung is a fictional Slay Girl character from SlayGirlBoutique.Com! She will be the first to be featured in the Slay Girl Mystery series. All books are completed standalone novels and can also be read as a series. Coupons from each Slay Girl are also printed inside, but can only be located by reading the novel!

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