Life is great for Mona Shephard thanks to a lump sum she received from an insurance policy after her grandmother’s suspicious death. Ever since, she has found a comfortable spot sitting at the top of everyone’s hate list, including her own family and the love of her life, Dare. With her dream home purchased, wearing the best designer clothing that ever graced her body plus the considerable amount of money in her bank account; she is very aware of the real issue: envy and jealousy. However, when karma intervenes and blackmailing begins, circumstances leads Mona down a path where she is forced to come face-to-face with reality and the mixed money counter by truth.

Mz. Jetson was born on September 28 in Brunswick, GA, where she was raised and still resides. She attended and graduated from Brunswick High School in 2004, entering community college for a brief period of time. During her studies over the years of computer science, culinary, and business, Mz. Jetson also entered the navy and discharged a short time later due to medical reasons.

Upon her return, she was granted with the opportunity to begin a career as a published author, igniting a passion that burned inside of her since her early teens. Since 2013, Mz. Jetson has penned Breezy, Murder She Wrote (1st Edition), Truth or Dare, Hustlers in Heelz, and Premonition. Her newest title, Ciao: A Tragic Love Story will appear under her new company, Slay Girl Publications, along with the re-releases of her past novels. To learn more about Mz. Jetson, please view her profile.